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Towage charge increase at Fremantle/Kwinana

Svitzer Australia have announced that towage service charges at Fremantle and Kwinana will be revised as of 1st April, 2013. Please click here to access their new tariff. Also included is Svitzer's Standard Terms and Conditions for Towage.

T.C. 'Rusty' update

Thankfully Tropical Cyclone ‘Rusty’ has crossed the coast well east of Port Hedland and is weakening by the hour. There has been minimal damage reported in Port Hedland Harbour and the port is expected to re-open for vessel movements later this afternoon 28th February, 2013.   Port Hedland port closure times are as follows: [...]

Largest ever lifting at Kwinana Bulk Berth No.2

The recent call of MV 'JlN MING' at Kwlnana resulted in the largest ever loaded quantity of any cargo at Kwìnana Bulk Berth No.2 (KBB2). The 'JIN MING' departed KBB2 at 1750hrs 01/01/2013 with a record tonnage of 52,656MT of Iron Ore Fines bound for China. Cargo was loaded in 36 hours and the vessel sailed with a de [...]

Anniversary of first Kwinana iron ore shipment

Ship Agency Services recently celebrated the first anniversary of attending Polaris Metals Pty Ltd vessels at Kwinana Bulk Berth No.2 (KBB2).  Since the first call of the MV “Union Dede” in mid November, 2011 SAS have attended to over 65 vessels loading either fully Iron Ore Lump or Fines Iron Ore or on occasions both parcels ont [...]